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Mail Services
- Bulk Mail Postage Discount
- Australia Post Lodgment
- Folding and Inserting
- Plastic Wrapping of Magazines, Catalogues, Journals, Annual Reports, etc.

Intelligent Mail Service
- Transactional material.e.g invoices
- Barcoding Phone Bills

Email Marketing Solutions
- Email Promotional Campaigns
- Reminder Service Message (SMS)
- Promotional SMS Campaign

Data Solutions Services
- Australia Post Barcoding (AMAS)
- Database Verification
- Database De-Duplication
- Database Maintenance
- Merge Database from multiple files

Design and Printing
- Inkjet Addressing/Printing
- Printing Double Sided A4
- Printing onto Colored Paper
- Mail Merge & Printing
- Envelopes/Promotional flyers

Storage & Distribution
- Pick & Pack of Point-of-Sale Items
- Storage of all your Mailing Needs

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